If your currently having any problems with the platform, hopefully one of these frequently asked questions can help you.

What is a USDZ file?

A USDZ file is a web-based 3D/AR file format which is viewable in AR Quick Look. Structurally the file is a zero-compression, unencrypted zip archive. You can view a USDZ file directly in the Safari Browser on all iOS devices installed with iOS 12+. USDZ files can be shared via iMessage, email, notes etc.

What is a Reality file?

In iOS 13 & iPadOS Apple has added support for a new .reality file format. This file format can now be uploaded to USDZSHARE and work similar to a USDZ file but has more functionality. Reality files support audio, multiple scenes, multiple character animation and behaviours that perform interactivity with gestures like tap & proximity triggers.You can view a Reality file directly in the Safari Browser on all iOS devices installed with iOS 13 or iPadOS. Reality files can also be shared via iMessage, email, notes etc.

What is the User Gallery?

Registered users to the site can upload USDZ or Reality files to the platform and share with other users and the public via the User Gallery or a shareable url link. Any uploaded USDZ or Reality files will need approval before they are activated & viewable in the User gallery.

Did not receive activation email?

If you are signing up to our platform without a Social login, you will be sent an activation email. Depending on the speed of your mail server, this can sometimes take up to 10 mins. Check your spam folder if it does not arrive in your inbox. Please click and follow activation link to complete your registration by validating your email address & creating your new password.

Can I apply a creative commons license to my work?

Yes. If you choose to post your work on this site, you will need to choose an appropriate creative commons license during the upload process. Please go to our page about different types of creative commons licenses for more info.

Which 3D animation files can I convert to USDZ using your conversion service?

We currently support FBX DAE & glTF for conversion to USDZ. Before uploading 3D files you need to compress them in a zip archive. Don’t forget to include textures (uv maps) in the zip archive. Naming UV maps appropriately such as diffuse_map, metallic_map, ao_map, roughness_map etc will help speed up the conversion process.

How long does it take for my 3D files to be converted to USDZ?

Each 3D file archive uploaded will be manually inspected. In some cases the files may need to be structurally changed to make them suitable for USDZ conversion. Check your profile panel for status update on all 3D conversions. If the file is unable to be converted it will be labelled “Unsuccessful”.

Apple’s New Reality Composer in Beta

Reality Composer is bundled with Xcode 11 and can be used to create Apple’s new reality file format. Reality files are more powerful than usdz files because they allow for audio, multiple scenes, interactive & multiple character animations – currently features not supported by usdz files. Reality Composer app on IpadOS is also available for Apple developer’s using Testflight – you need to request a trial via the developer portal. You can now upload reality files to usdzshare.com the same way you would a usdz file. However, its only viewable in iOS13 or iPadOS.

What is Social Login?

Social Login is single sign-on for end users. Using existing login information from a social network provider like FacebookTwitter, or Google,  you can sign into a USDZSHARE instead of creating a new account specifically. This simplifies registrations and logins for our  users.